My Year End Goal Setting Process Part 4

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How Super Achievers Start Their Year

Have you ever wondered how super achievers accomplish so much year after year?

When they want to have a banner year, they have a strategy at the begining of the year to get started. They’ve learned that to make big things happen, that to have a successful year, they have to plan for it. The year may not always go as planned, but they have a clear path to follow and a defined target.

Planning for success in the coming year is essential. Rarely does it just happen. People like Tony Robbins, John Maxwell, Dave Ramsey, Chalene Johnson, and Pat Flynn approach the new year in a structured way. It is their specific strategies that make the difference between repeating a year and accelerating a year.

As I’ve learned more about their strategies it has inspired me in my new year planning. While it isn’t practical to adopt the exact methods they use, I can take the best of it and apply it to my unique situation. You can as well. I’ve found eight specific strategies common among these high acheivers. Some I have used in the past, others just won’t work for me, and some are going to make a big difference in my new year. Eight strategies is probably two much to implement at one time anyway. So I had to think about how I would use this information. I’ve put together a short video about how I am going to use these eight strategies (WATCH HERE). I recommend you watch it and perhaps get some further inspiration as you set your goals for the next year.